Commissions info

commission info

commissions are OPEN



NOTE: when sending money - fill in who you are (username) and what you are buying.

Money must be sent before I start the commission. I will send you my Paypal email in a note.
There will be an order form to fill out if you’re interested at the bottom of my journal.
You can also send me fanmail on tumblr - which is listed below in the journal.

What I will draw:                 What I will not draw:

Original Characters                      Furries/anthro
Pairings pg, pg-13                       Vehicles
Gaiaonline characters                   Mecha



full color - No Background

bust/Portrait commission: $20.00 USD 
+ $10 for 1 additional character
April Indigena by eliexielMilk Please! by eliexiel
(optional) Flat Background color of your choice


waist-up commission: $25 USD
+ $10 for 1 additional character

Beauty In Pain by eliexielAll I wanna do by eliexiel

(optional) Flat Background color of your choice

full body commission N/A

No Color

Bust/portrait Commission: $5.00 USD

Hair-bae by eliexiel

waist-up Commission: $10.00 USD
+ 3$ for 1 additional character

Sketching Models and whatnot by eliexiel


Commission type: (full color, bust/portrait or waist-up / sketch, bust or waist-up)
Background color: (optional)
Specific facial expression: 
Specific pose: 
Character names(s): 
Character Info: E.g. personality, likes, dislikes…
Picture reference: (Link here)

Send me a note or fanmail on tumblr with all the required info, only Serious commissioners.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Payment means you agree to the following terms.
No commercial use. You cannot use it to promote anything that provides you with payment. You cannot sell my art work. 
If you commissioned for said image you can use it for personal purposes only.
Don’t market it as something completely different, put your url name, etc.
If you repost said commission Credit me. Link it to my deviantartTumblr or the original post.



Paypal Tutorial
How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix

Disclaimer - 
I am not a professional artist.
I will work to the best of my ability.